One of the most important tools to make your tour a pleasant one is going to be your mode of transportation. With thousands of cars for sale on the used car market, where do you go? Who do you trust? Do you have the expertise to evaluate a good used car? Chances are you are going to depend on luck. Are you feeling lucky?

Well, luck has nothing to do with buying a car from us. We have been in the business for over 25 years and counting, serving the US Military, DoD civilians, and State Department employees stationed here in Germany. Over the years we have built the trust and satisfaction of thousands of customers.

Buying a used car can be tricky, which is why our buyers select only the nicest and most reliable cars to sell. Every car is road tested and every system is checked for normal function. All services are performed prior to sale and all our vehicles are taken through the German safety inspection (TUEV) prior to being delivered to our customers. Our mechanical staff is there to correct anything that needs attention after the sale. Upon purchase, all our vehicles are delivered - FREE OF CHARGE to the USAREUR vehicle registration of your duty station (Within Germany)

Experience the advantages of buying a car from The Beamerzone with the safety and security of a two year powertrain warranty. Buying a car from us will not only get you a good product but the service and support that comes along with it. We hear stories all the time of someone who bought a car for $2000, and soon thereafter, their car would not even pass USAREUR inspection; the repairs would cost more than the car. Why? This occurs because the previous owners neglected the maintenance and were just interested in getting rid of it. What happens now? What are you going to do?

Why take the risk? Let us do it.

Don't settle for just anything, you deserve the best!

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