Ours is a very simple, straightforward warranty. As there are three categories I will list each of them below. There is no fine print or "Gotcha Clauses"


Euro spec. Beamerzone vehicles - Two year 50/50 “Powertrain Warranty”. We will pay 50% for all parts & labor that fall under the Powertrain at our service center. These vehicles will HAVE PASSED the German safety inspection (TUEV) prior to delivery or pick up, so you get two-year permanent tags upon registering the vehicle.



US Spec. vehicles - These will either be under factory warranty or will have a comprehensive one year warranty. We guarantee these cars to pass USAREUR safety inspection. By which we mean - you will have to take them through the USAREUR safety inspection and should they fail for any reason, we will cover the costs for parts & labor 100%.


Consignment vehicles - These vehicles do not belong to The Beamerzone and we act as agents between the seller and the buyer, for a fee. We thoroughly check these vehicles prior to accepting them, make necessary repairs at the seller’s expense and put them up for sale. Upon sale, each of these vehicles goes through the safety inspection and only upon passing with a certificate will be sold to the buyer.



Our mission statement: It is our mission to sell you a reliable, inspected, well-prepared vehicle, suitable for your needs during your tour in Germany, and, to be available to assist you,  if you need service or advice in the care and maintenance of your vehicle.