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Q) Is the delivery free of charge and are there any extra charges?

A) Yes, delivery is absolutely free of charge to any garrison in Germany. The only charges are the $30 registration fee for USAREUR registration.

Q) How soon can I get my vehicle?

A) We designate deliveries on first come first serve basis. However, on some cases we can expedite delivery. It usually takes 3 to 4 business days from the day the car is put on hold until delivery.

Q) Are all the vehicles on the website TAX FREE and is the price advertised with or without taxes?

A) If you possess a USAREUR ID card, YES, the price is TAX FREE, the advertised price is without taxes.

Q) What will I need at the time of delivery?

A) On cash deals- you will need a cashier's check made out to The Beamerzone or Euro Cash (with a conversion receipt) for the balance (price of car minus the deposit). On financing deals- you will need the down payment (total down payment minus deposit) in form of a cashier’s check made out to the Beamerzone or Euro Cash (with a conversion receipt) and the appropriate required paperwork which we will specify at the time of your loan approval.

Q) What do I receive when I put money down on a car?

A) Within thirty minutes of putting money down on a car (during normal business hours,) you will receive via email a sales contract/purchase order with all pertinent info about the car with a toll free number to USAA insurance so you can get the car insured with them.

Q) What do you mean by passed Inspection prior to delivery?

A) All sold cars will be taken through German safety inspection (TUEV) and get inspected prior to the new buyer taking possession of car.

Q) I have never bought a car online, I’m the type who wants to touch it, sit in it, kick the tires and test drive it. How do I know I’m getting a fair deal?

A) We encourage you to come and visit us and check the car out, kick the tires and do your tests. We have sold thousands of cars here in the Wiesbaden military community as well as the surrounding communities and the Frankfurt US Embassy. However, we do understand many people do not have the luxury of going car shopping, so we take the burden of hunting for a nice car off your shoulders. Since going online on November 2007 we have sold and delivered hundreds of cars to virtually every US Garrison and community here in Germany. And we can proudly say- “No one has refused the car at the time of delivery!"

Q) Is it safe to give my credit card number over the phone to put a hold on a car?

A) It is actually the second best way to do business with a credit card, the first being that you are personally there while your card is swiped.

Q) Who is eligible for the members area?

A) Any of our customers who have put a deposit on a vehicle and has a vehicle reserved.

Q) When and how do I get the username and password?

A) Once you have put a vehicle on hold you will receive your username and password along with a sales contract via email.

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