We are a small family of BMW enthusiasts whose hobby, passion & obsession with this brand has become our profession. We still refuse to call them "bimmers", sorry! These cars & our service to back them up - sell themselves! We don't have to do the whole thing of "everything must go" & "prices will never be this low again". Here at The Beamerzone, it's not about selling you a car, it's more about the specifics of your situation. We understand that your time here in Germany is limited & valuable. We also understand, how important a solid mode of transportation is, in a foreign land. Here, you don't have to turn on your Spidey senses, hoping you made the right choice. Car shopping is not easy, not even for an experienced buyer, but with our experience of 25 years, we know what to look for in BMWs and what to stay away from, use our expertise, we'll kick the tires for you, so you don't have to. We are so confident about our cars, that we offer a 1-year comprehensive warranty on them - where will you find something like that on the used car market? We pay attention to the smallest detail and convenience is paramount to your buying experience. Get to know us. Not only do all our cars come with a 1-year comprehensive warranty but also with a new safety inspection, free delivery Germany wide and tax-free sales. Experience the advantages of buying a car from The Beamerzone, buying a car from us will not only get you a good product but the service & support that comes with it. ALL SYSTEMS GO!

A Cheap deal can be more expensive in the long run. Why take the risk? Let us do it.


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